Student Cassie Simms, photo Zaire Kacz


The WNC Dance Company


Combining the creativity and mind expansion inherent in any art form with the constructive competition and team work of organized sports, the WNC Dance Company provides an amazing outlet for students ages 4-18. The company dancers are pushed to be better, stronger and more self assured than they ever thought possible.  The students spend the school year perfecting choreography created on them by award winning choreographers.  The process is where the growth happens, not at the competitions.  Although our dancers score well above most of their competitors, the trophy is a perk, not the goal.  They use the pieces they are rehearsing as tools to perfect technique, learn the skill of working within a group and become fearless performing artists. The company participates in 3-4 competitions a year and can be seen on stages at fairs, festivals, fund raisers, conventions, and retirement communities across North Carolina.  Stage time is what makes the difference between a great performer and a timid one, and our goal is to make our dancers stand out on stage and relish in the knowledge that they have accomplished something outstanding and have the advanced training for the pre-professional looking to audition for a college dance degree, or to start a professional career indance.

Performing Company Requirements