Repertory Performance Company

WNC Dance Repertory Performance Company auditions will be held Friday June 28th. All dancers that plan on auditioning must complete the Summer Intensive workshop. Choreography from the workshop will be used in the audition which also gives faculty additional time to evaluate each dancer.


Dancers will take classes in each genre and Repertory rehearsals. Levels will be determined by age, experience, and skill level. The cost will be our studio hourly rate and a $75 per month charge that includes costumes and choreography for all Repertory Productions. We are happy to provide solo, duet, trio choreography and privates for experienced dancers that would like to have extra stage performances at competitive venues and showcases. Students interested will be required to take the summer intensive and summer classes, with auditions June 28th.

Auditions June 28th

RepCo 1 (ages 7-9) 1:00-1:30am
RepCo 2 (ages 9-12) 1:30-2:30pm
RepCo 3 (ages 12-18) 2:30-3:30pm

WNC Dance Academy is extremely excited to announce the transition of the WNC Dance Company into a performance based, Repertory Company. The WNC Repertory Company will be a program that promotes artistic excellence, strong technique, a sense of community, and most importantly, dancer self worth. By providing a comprehensive, diverse curriculum as well as performance experience and opportunity, the WNCRepCO will be the most well-rounded, high quality dance training program in the region.

Building a strong foundation in a variety of dance forms supports the development of adaptable 21st-century dancers. Because of the diverse curriculum, students are able to flourish as versatile dance artists. Students are encouraged to find their unique artistic voices as they gain the building blocks for success, whether choosing a career in dance or in another field. With a mantra of “It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it.” and “We want to teach you to dance, not a dance.”, it shifts the culture of working only towards rewards, replacing it with a mindset of process and progress within each class and rehearsal. This develops a life-long love of learning and of dance.

Opportunities for performances throughout the school year provide experience and exposure. Learning and performing a variety of dances throughout the year gives students a realistic experience and timeline, similar to that of a professional company. The rehearsal process helps students develop a sense of purpose beyond themselves – working as a group towards a shared goal of putting on the best possible production. There is no small part and everyone is essential to the success of the performance. The sense of camaraderie and support that is built within the rehearsal process is then expanded upon during the transition to the theater space and finalized in every performance.

The team of faculty that is committed to the success of the WNCRepCo is exceptional. The experience, knowledge, and expertise is unlike any other in the region. Their commitment to not only the art form of dance, but the craft of teaching dance, is what unites them in a shared purpose. Leading by example, they respect and value the different perspectives and strengths each teacher brings to the program and they work together in a shared vision to support the growth of each student.

The WNCRepCo is founded in the belief that dance education can be inclusive AND professional. Rigorous AND compassionate. Disciplined AND joyful. Creative AND technical.

While we are moving away from a competition format, dancers will still have ample opportunities to perform on stage with two shows at Diana Wortham and black box theater performances during the year. It will also significantly cut the monthly costs associated with competition entry fees and costumes, allowing more talent to be able to join the company and be a part of this amazing experience. We are very excited to announce Jamie Brege Devito as the company artistic director and are also adding several new instructors to our already talented staff. Here is a link to the bios of the amazing instructors that will help turn this dream into a reality. On a personal note, this has been a vision for the company that I have long believed to be the best path to experience the artistry of dance in a soulful and positive way. We could not be more excited to start this endeavor and move forward with a new future of dance at WNC.

Cary Petrusek
Owner and Director

Jamie DeVito Brege
Repertory Company Director